My current work has evolved from my lifelong love of nature and legends. My destinations have become increasingly remote, where there are fewer people and a greater intimacy with the natural world.  With a background in both art and biology, I have a fascination with studying the flora and fauna of regions, as well as the forms and quality of the light. Several years ago, I began bringing paints in my backpack and completing small plein air studies in such places as the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas, the Sierra Gigantes of Mexico, and the rain forests of Central America.  My approach to studio painting has shifted from expressionistic, psychological dramas to depicting the universality of narratives and myths. The studies provide background information that reemerge in the final paintings.   

In the completed narratives, a figure in a landscape then becomes a participant in an unfolding story, and the elements of nature (a river, a mountain, an insect) become part of the symbolic architecture of the painting. Reality becomes infused with fantasy which results in a deeper expression. My process involves incrementally altering the painting over several months, alternating between a desire to keep a freshness, yet wanting completeness that adheres to the original theme. 

The narratives contain references to the concept of universal myth, folk tales, and regional legends. I have depicted stories from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, and Native Indian creation myths, as well as personal experiences expanded into more universal themes. I want the viewer to enjoy the painterly effects, to appreciate the depiction of natural beauty, and at the same time, relate to universal ideas contained in the allegories.


Selections from Resume

  • International Artist of the Month Award, Artists for Conservation, July, 2020
  • Saatchi Gallery online, International, 2020

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  • National Juried Biennial: Figurative Painting, Amarillo Museum of Art - 3 paintings - Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Juror/Curator, 2011

  • What Texas Means to Me-Nationwide competition, First Place Entry-Austin Art Space, Phillip Wade - juror, 2010

  • Hunting Art Prize  - Finalist – 2010

  • Hunting Art Prize – Finalist – 2008

  • For the Love of Art – Major Retrospective of Artist’s Work – 2007
    Featured over 40 paintings, Main Gallery, Art Car Museum, Houston

  • Magical Mysteries – Featured  20 paintings, Media Articles – 1990
    Art Beat Gallery, Houston

  • Phantoms, Freaks and the Fantastic – 6 paintings – 1994
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  • Barrett Collection of Texas Art